I hope that you have enjoyed, Part 1 and 2 of this video series. Now that you are beginning to understand the power of color and how we can use it effectively, in your personal and professional world, let’s move into a few more shades.


Brown is the color of stability and groundedness, offering security and a sense of belongingness to its wearers and viewers. Brown gently reminds people that even if your head may be in the clouds at times, your feet are solidly connected to terra firma.


Turquoise, one of my favorites, is the color of communication. This engaging hue opens people’s hearts and minds to listen to what you have to say and respond in kind. It is as inviting as those gorgeous Caribbean waters and as refreshing as an island breeze. Being a combination of green and yellow, it’s peaceful and harmonious as well as energizing and clear. Turquoise is a color that never goes wrong! You shall be well received and long remembered.

Higher Consciousness.

White is the color of Divinity. White signifies a higher consciousness, divine inspiration, and enlightenment. This vibration is achieved by living the highest and best life. White is also the color of purity, not in the sense of innocence, but rather in the sense of wisdom gained through years of dedication, devotion, and understanding. White conveys confidence.


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