In Part 1 we talked about all the exciting aspects of pink, blue, green, red, and orange. Each of these colors can achieve a very special effect on your being and those all around you. Part 2 explores sunshiny yellow, creative, and mystical purple.


Did you know that the eye cannot perceive yellow by itself? The brain must work harder to see yellow which is why it is the color of mental clarity…. it makes us see things clearly and upgrades our focus!


Yellow is also the color of optimism and hopes to infuse each of us with inspiration and lots of joy! A little yellow can go long way. Use it with discretion… lighter shades are more subtle and easier to experience for a long period of time. Bright yellows can be overbearing and make people a bit anxious. so if the people around you start backing away, shutting down, or acting odd… it may not be anything you said but rather what you wore that caused the reaction.

Unorthodox Purple.

Purple is a most fascinating hue… women and “out of the box” thinkers, love it! It is color creativity, spirituality, and forgiveness. Yes, it’s an odd combination for sure! People who love purple tend to be unique in their thinking and lifestyle. Some are very spiritual and love to dabble in those realms. Others are extremely linear and unorthodox in their ways! Purple is the shortest vibrational wavelength on the color spectrum. It is the game-changer for all who experience its attraction and affect.

Stay tuned for Part 3 where we shall chat about more colors and what they say about you!


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