What do the colors you choose say about you?

Are you tickled pink?

Have you always had a crazy attraction to pink? Are you tickled pink? Pink is the color of love… those rose-colored glasses are meant for you!

Are you true blue?

If blue has been your favorite since birth then your commitment to being loyal and honest is very important.

Green for that peaceful easy feeling.

Green is the color of balance, bringing all of nature’s symmetry to life. “Do-Gooders” are very aligned with the green’s gentle vibration. If you are a volunteer, nurse, or first responder, the right shade of green may bring a smile to your face and serenity to your heart. It’s that peaceful easy feeling color.

Red for take-charge personalities.

In direct contrast, Red is the color of action and “chi”, demanding your attention and causing your blood pressure to rise. Red takes no prisoners. its powerful vibration is a favorite for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and take-charge of personalities.

Orange has more fun.

Do you want to have a party? Orange is your shade! its happy spontaneous vibe makes it the color of enthusiasm and pure fun!

This video series will share Mary’s secret meanings behind each color and how to use color to bring you happiness, success, love, and fulfillment. The colors we wear, eat, and see deeply affect our mood and how we are perceived by others. They are each fully explained and expressed in Mary’s brand new Book “Undeniably You!: The Good The Bad and The Fabulous”, available on Amazon.

Colors to express yourself

The color actually expresses your unique journey through the world in a way that makes perfect sense and allows you to understand yourself like never before. It is a powerful nonverbal language that speaks directly from your soul and creates a rainbow that describes and supports your everyday life. As a matter of fact, a color is a powerful tool that speaks volumes before you even say a word. It can persuade people to think and act in a certain way.

What messages are you trying to send in your daily life? The right colors can pave the way for your success. You possess a Divine Color Palette that will define who you are in a totally new and fascinating way, translate the world, and give you confidence, clarity, and self- compassion. It is as unique as your fingerprint. These extraordinary chromas create a vibration that goes beyond, taste, smell, touch, and hearing. These vibrations emit from deep within your soul, reflecting your true nature, your authentic self.

So what do the colors you choose say about you?

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