Mary Giuseffi with Undeniably You

“ I have always believed that there is something sensational about each and every human being.  So what is the difference between those people who live their passion and celebrate their suddenly sensational life and those that don’t? It  comes down to a single epiphany that once embraced, changes their self image and belief forever!”

~Mary Giuseffi


Suddenly Sensational with Mary Giuseffi

A Brand New Steaming TV Talk Show

Mary Giuseffi deeply believes that there is something “Suddenly Sensational” within every human being. She has spent her life encouraging others to discover exactly what that unique passionate talent and life’s mission is and supports their journey to bring their talents and purpose to life. This 30 minute weekly streaming talk show showcases individuals who experienced an epiphany in life that changed their path and journey for ever! They discovered their own” secret sauce”, courageously  embraced  their gifts and talents, and unabashedly chose to pursue their life’s calling.The result? They became suddenly sensational!
The first season includes interviews with WPTV Anchor and extraordinary artist, Ashleigh Walters; Dr. Ish Major, WEtv host of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, co host of The Doctors and frequent guest of Nick Cannon’s Men’s Panel;  “Melting Popsicle” Pop Artist and Sculptor, Betsy Enzensberger and “Beach Girl” chic artist Robin Hiers. Each guests chats with Mary about their journey to discovering themselves and making the world a better place in the process! Each interview is light hearted, captivating, intimate and inspiring!
The show will be streaming weekly and can be seen on several platforms including Apple TV, Roku, Fire, IOS and Android.

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This 30-minute brand new weekly streaming TV Series “Suddenly Sensational” showcases individuals who experienced an epiphany in life and found the courage to step into their greatness, risk it all and believe that happiness, success, love and joy is possible. In candid conversations Mary chats with news anchors, artists, sculptors,  reality stars, psychiatrists, charities and authors who always knew they had something special to share. The result? They became suddenly sensational!

Are you ready to embrace your talents and passions and  live your “Suddenly Sensational” life? Let’s unlock the secrets of stepping into your power and become all that you dreamed to be while  having an absolutely fabulous time along the way! 

Are you ready to be inspired?

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