Invite Mary to Bring “Undeniably You!” to life and inspire, educate, and entertain your audience!

Book Mary As A Speaker For TV Shows, Other Media, Corporate, and Charity Events.

Mary is not your everyday woman and her ability to transform an audience is not your everyday miracle. She is a change agent and a world-class speaker and guest. As a matter of fact, her captivating story, unique style, cutting edge content, universal appeal, and seamless interaction offer personal strategies for living your highest and best life as well as achieving professional success. Your audience will definitely rise to their feet and race toward their personal finish line!

Mary’s sold-out speaking engagements, special events, and guest appearances are fun-filled, action-packed, and fully interactive! Her 40-year career in fashion, personal styling, beauty, marketing, events, media, and branding has made her expertise and relatability unparalleled. Not only do audiences love her style, but they also crave her practical information on how to become their highest and most beautiful self! In essence, Mary shares her vision, tenacity, technique, charm, and an uncanny ability to teach her audience to capitalize on their strengths, diminish their weaknesses and seize the day as only those who “Undeniably You!”  can!

Mary appears and speaks nationwide and internationally on Fashion, Wardrobe & Style, Branding, Color, Self Esteem & Self Confidence, and Personal Strategies for Professional Success. She covers all the topics included in her new book and loves to do workshops, seminars, and events for your group as well as book signings and guest appearances. Mary has also enthusiastically acted as a Mistress of Ceremonies for fundraisers and charitable events.

In addition, Mary is also frequently asked to speak on personality and relationships and performs prose on her #1 Best Selling Books “Straight Up With A Twist” and “Femme Fierce: Flashes of Courage”

Her credits and clients are extensive including The Today Show, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, Montel Williams, 48 hours, Jenny McCarthy, Neil Strauss, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, The National Publicity Summit, The Amway Corporation, Cystic Fibrosis, American Cancer Society, The Symphony of The Americas, Boys and Girls Club, DCOTA, The Art Institute, UNICEF, Simon Malls, Oprah Believe Launch and many other Luxury Establishments and Brands, Not for profits, Social Clubs and Charities.

Book Mary for a Party

Whether you are hosting a Birthday Party, Luncheon, Grand Opening, Fashion Collection Launch, Styling Event, Cocktail Party, Girls Night In, or Shower, Invite Mary to join!  She will add sparkle and shine, mingle with your guests, say a few words, and offer one on one style advice, divine color analysis,  readings, and more.  Stop wracking your brain for a theme or activity that hasn’t been done a million times before… by all means…. book Mary for a party that will be altogether unique and fabulous, hugely enjoyed, and long remembered.

She was GREAT! Could she be ANY easier to work with? Adore you already!
Carly Segal, NBC News | TODAY
“My audience and clients LOVE Mary!”
Steve Harrison, Bradley Communications
“I just wanted to say thank you Saturday! The energy from the event was fantastic!”
Kelli Daley, Public Relations Bloomingdales

Diva Day and Make Over

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a personal stylist?  At last, someone to shop with who knows all the secrets of how to find the perfect clothes for your body type, style and budget? For the first time, imagine how it would be to great to feel confident, pampered and admired for the day while working with someone who not only understands shopping, fashion and style but also has the vision, knowledge and passion to create a style for you that is all your own? I am psyched to work with you in person in Palm Beach, Newport Beach, New York or in a city near you!  Book your very own VIP Day with Mary and personally experience what it’s like to work with an expert who will make you look gorgeous, feel great and gain the confidence and charisma it takes for you to be successful, sexy and satisfied in life, in your career and in love!

Mary Giuseffi has worked with thousands of women worldwide, creating their perfect wardrobes for their body type, personality, coloring and lifestyle.  Whether women are Petites or Plus, teens or seniors, stay at home moms or fortune 500 executives, Mary’s is passionate about teaching women how to bring all the beauty they possess on the inside to the outside so that they can achieve their goals personally and professionally!  Above all, Mary’s goal is for women to be able to “look in the mirror and fall in love with the woman they see!” because she celebrates your uniqueness and vision for your life and creates the wardrobe and looks that will get you the looks you deserve!

Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals

You are ready for the mega success you deserve! Until now, you have tirelessly prepared and worked diligently building your career, establishing your credibility, credentials and pursuing your passion! As a matter of fact, your vision for an independent meaningful happy, and prosperous life is within reach. Its time to be brilliant and dress accordingly. Working hard is one thing. Most importantly, working both intuitively and on your terms, will result in achieving long-lasting success. Given that we all have the same 24 hours a day, It’s imperative to start making every second and each outfit count. Not only will we create a personal style that introduces you before you speak, but also it will convey a top quality image that will be emblazoned in their minds.

“As an executive coach, I recently worked with a client in a Fortune 500 company in need of enhancing her executive presence.  I teamed up with Mary and the results were incredible.” We met with our client for a VIP Executive Presence day in NYC. Afterward, she reported feeling ‘so much better relaxed, and more confident.’ After making a big impression at the Board meeting following her VIP experience, her CEO described her as ‘more calm, confident, and looking great.’ The client shared ‘I had forgotten how good it feels to feel good about myself. It’s even helped me feel better in other areas of my life.’ “Teaming with Mary was a delight. She was easy to work with, relate to, knows her stuff, and put my client at ease through the entire process. I look forward to partnering with her again!”
Brenda K. Reynolds, BKR Consulting Founder/Principal Consultant
“One consultation with Mary changed my life! She gave me the keys for dressing in my brand colors and personal style for my public appearances which not only empowered me to look my best but it showcases my art to its best! Thank you!”
Robin Hiers, Artist Laguna Beach
Personal Transformation Benefit

Personal Growth

Achieving confidence, self-esteem, inner and outer beauty, fitness, and lifestyle through personal and online coaching. Your happiness and success is my priority, let’s work together and create the best version of you!

“With a body of work and life experience behind her, Mary Giuseffi lightens up the love, romance and dating scene with her unique look at how our personality influences our love life. It all adds up to a fun and inspirational read with an empowering message for women of all ages.”
Marta Tracy, Original Creator of E! Entertainment Television and The Style Network
“Mary is phenomenal! She has given me everything I need to be successful”
Jennifer Marcenelle, Client

Authors, Experts, and Speakers

Do you know the #1 reason authors and experts do not succeed? They do not invest in the one thing that will separate them from the masses while allowing them to gain the celebrity status and the success they richly deserve– IMAGE!  As a matter of fact, Authors and experts too often forget or maybe just don’t realize how important it is to create their own best Personal Brand and Wardrobe Style that will seal the deal and pave the way toward significantly more book sales, speaking gigs, TV and radio interviews, thousands of social media followers, successful online programs and personal clients!

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This 30-minute brand new weekly streaming TV Series “Suddenly Sensational” showcases individuals who experienced an epiphany in life and found the courage to step into their greatness, risk it all and believe that happiness, success, love and joy is possible. In candid conversations Mary chats with news anchors, artists, sculptors,  reality stars, psychiatrists, charities and authors who always knew they had something special to share. The result? They became suddenly sensational!

Are you ready to embrace your talents and passions and  live your “Suddenly Sensational” life? Let’s unlock the secrets of stepping into your power and become all that you dreamed to be while  having an absolutely fabulous time along the way! 

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