“V” Body Type

Selecting the perfect wedding gown for the “V” Body Type begins with understanding your figure and learning how to enhance your best features while camouflaging the rest! So what are the figure types? There are four: A, 8, H, and V. Each of these figures have fantastic assets…. and each has some challenges to address.

The “V” body type has strong, broad, fantastic shoulders, gradually smaller waist, and narrow hips. Depending on the DNA, a “V” can have a full or very small bust line. Your legs are long and thin. The key to choosing the perfect dress is to find one that either brings all the viewers’ attention to the shoulders and accentuate this statuesque figure or add volume to the hip which will visually balance the shoulder and accentuate the waist.

Another way to amp up this body type is to choose a dress with a deep V in the neckline or back. This design element visually narrows the should to waist ratio by bringing the viewers’ eyes to the waist. Lace, Embellishments, and fabulous elaborate embellishments add volume to the hips.

There are a lot of Super Models with this dramatic body type.

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