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Mary Giuseffi

As long as you show up looking fabulous… an Undeniably You, you will triumph as a model citizen, in the end! God does bless the girl that has her own… wardrobe, style and savvy.

So, what can I say, I’m just a girl from New Jersey who wanted to change the world one outfit at a time. The crazy thing is that in spite of myself and my passion for fashion, opera, bad boys, and Champagne, my crazy over the top life, with its spectacular triumphs and tragedies, has ultimately left me still standing in stilettos with my bubbles, baubles, beau du jour and beatific vision intact!

I mean, what’s a nice girl to do? I went from riches to rags to riches so many times that there were days I couldn’t remember who I was and got dressed in my bygone days closet riches to play out my current secret life as a bag lady in rags. It was survival in two gears: couture princess in public and a “homeless” person in private. People thought that I was a trust fund baby waiting for my car or a waiflike panhandler at the airport. It was nobody’s business. It was survival of the fittest… outfit. My self-esteem was bereft, food budget might have been three dollars a day but my image looked like a million. When you’ve tripped the light fantastic for a living… you either end up with bruises or badges and dearests I have my share of both!

What kept me afloat and sane, ok, that is questionable, when the going got tough was my gift for garb! My pedigreed knowledge for fashion and instinctual awareness of how to make a girl sparkle was my money shot! I really knew my way around a department store, an audition, and a cocktail party. More than anything, I loved to see women feel like a million bucks in their clothes. Thousands of miles in malls and thousands of satisfied grown-up and gorgeous clients later, I am proud to say it all worked out sublimely. I am the personal shopping Contessa for a cause…. delivering the goods from my home to yours!

I’ve come to the conclusion that some days are too good to be true, some days are so bad that you cannot even admit it to yourself. As long as you show up looking fabulous… an Undeniably You, you will triumph as a model citizen, in the end! God does bless the girl that has her own… wardrobe, style, and savvy.

Cheers to making dreams come true. Let’s get dressed!

“Mary Giuseffi is a real gem! She has helped me tremendously to fine-tune my image and brand.  Her enthusiasm, expertise, and innate sense of what is right for each individual’s unique personality makes her a joy to work with.  I highly recommend her services for those wanting to take their career to the next level.”
  ~ Teresa Anne Power,
Children’s Health and Fitness Expert and Author of the Multiple Award Winning Book The ABCs of Yoga for Kids.

Mary Giuseffi


Mary Giuseffi is a Personal Brand Expert, three-time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Fashion and Color Authority and Award-Winning Humanitarian and Advocate for Women and Children. She is an internationally recognized guest on many stages and TV shows, most recently The Today Show, sharing her expertise on Personal Branding and Relationships. She appears across the broadcast platforms and speaks nation-wide on Personal Branding and Marketing, Fashion and Style, Color, Self-Empowerment, and Women’s inspiration

A former Ford Model and Producer, Mary’s extensive experience in fashion and knowledge of beauty, on-camera expertise, and style sensibilities makes her a highly sought-after consultant, confidante, and coach.  She is the Coach’s Coach. Her consulting business spans the globe having recently created exclusive personal brands and marketing strategies for several #1 Best Selling Authors, Experts, Entrepreneurs, and Reality TV Stars.

Having been on all sides of the camera for decades, she is dedicated to utilizing her talents to capture, articulate and catalyze her client’s gifts and talents by bringing them to the world in a unique, authentic, and powerful way. She purposefully and profoundly co-creates their Divine Purpose by creating “Sound Bites and Site Bites” to super-charge their lives and careers, media presence, and effectiveness as authentic dynamic personas and experts in their field.

Mary has produced and directed extraordinary fashion show productions and performance art spectacles. She served as Director of Saks Fifth Avenue prestigious 5th Avenue Club and has been a model and spokesperson for many luxury brands.  She loves to create “head to toe” exclusive imaging and styling for her clients worldwide.

Mary’s humanitarian efforts and work within the not for profit world has changed the lives of thousands and create paradigm shifts in the areas of volunteerism and fundraising.  She has served as President of several charities and served on many Boards of Directors. She has chaired over 100 events and produced and been creative director for equally as many in her 25 years in South Florida.  She has received many awards through the years for her dedication and commitment to many charitable institutions, including “Woman of The Year”, “Volunteer of the Year”, ‘Presidents Award”, “Women of Style and Substance”, “Outstanding Women of Broward County” to name a few. She also had the great privilege to Chair and Event for UNICEF and hosted Audrey Hepburn, her childhood role model. This was a dream come true!

Mary is Love In Action. No matter what medium she chooses to explore… it is unmistakably poetry and compassion.  Relationships are her life and breadth. She understands and communicates the essence of relationships of all kinds and with all matters. Her gift is to explore the beauty, passion, and nuances of our life experiences and share their emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical facets in many modalities with all who seek to explore and manifest their best and most joyful lives.

Mary travels extensively, residing in Palm Beach Florida, and Newport Beach California where she enjoys her children and grandchildren.


“I am in the absolute best hands possible with Mary Giuseffi. Mary, you are a truly beautiful and immensely talented person throughout. I am blessed to have the opportunity to know and work with you!”
  ~ Janet McGillicuddy,
Executive Epigenetic Coaching & Consulting.

Special Call-Out to My Artists & Illustrators

Fashion Illustration by Laguna Beach Artist Robin Hiers
Impressionist paintings by Palm Beach Artist Tracey Peer

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