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Look Amazing, Feel Awesome, and Manifest the Life of your Dreams

“This book is so much more than about wardrobe and style and fashion. It’s about fashioning your life into the masterpiece that it was meant to be.”

Dr. Ish Major
The Host of WeTV’s Hit Series Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars One Of America’s Top Psychiatrists

Do you stand in your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear for who you are today or for a special moment? Do you find yourself living in your leggings, sports bras and t-shirts, or wearing the same clothes over and over and feeling unattractive, unappreciated and depressed? Are you tired of buying outfits online that look bad and fit terribly?  I understand how you feel! Agonize no more!  Your wardrobe personal rescue has arrived!  I will teach you her secrets of how to create your very own fashion formula to look amazing, feel awesome and manifest the life you dream of and deserve! Are you ready?

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  • Discover your archetype personality and authentic nature.

  • Define your style personality.

  • Determine your body type and frame your physical being.

  • Delve into your divine colors and describe your soul’s mission.

  • Display a visual seasonal energy  eld that is in alignment with your coloring and optimizes your potential.

  • Delineate, raise and refine your vibration to match your ideal self.

  • Design a wardrobe that embodies and portrays to the world who you are, what you want, and how you will impact with your unique gi s, talents, passions, and abilities.

  • Explore your image as art.

  • Experience how to shop like a stylist.

  • Explode onto your runway in your style DNA platform and become Undeniably You!

Embrace Change!

Are you ready to embrace change in your life? Maybe you are newly single? Or newly married? Do you have a new job or new title? Are you creating a new circle of friends? Do you have more followers than real friends and are seeking your true girl gang? ? Are you looking for a partner who really gets you?  Have you embarked upon a new dream? Maybe you just need a refresh? Are you facing a new decade and are redefining who you are? Are you feeling like a stranger in your body?Do you just need a new personal look for your private time? Do you need something more than your Mommy and Me clothes? Are you a recent graduate facing the career world? Regardless of your current social media status- This book is for you!

It took many years, but I had to learn that my body is a temple and not a prison. Being a Ford Model since the age of 11 truly sabotaged my self image and for years I punished myself for never being or looking good enough. Eventually, I began to understand that how I felt about myself began with how I felt about the skin I was living in. I needed to claim my space in the world regardless of whether I was a size 2, 5 or 20!

Undeniably You will show you how to show up as yourself, for yourself and by yourself. It will empower you to live loud and proud of who you are…and embrace all the rough edges when you realize that they are really ruffles in disguise!

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A Sneak Peek Inside Undeniably You!

The Alchemist

She is a chameleon, becoming anything she wants or needs to be to successfully communicate thoughts, share feelings, hold space, educate, emulate, and edify another being. She is perceptive, clear, intelligent, resourceful, and has extraordinary people skills. She expertly transforms a situation, a person, and opportunity from ordinary to extraordinary- a problem solver on a quantum level.


The Angelic

She is an angel on earth. Her compassion and kindness are a beacon of light. She provides  shelter for all who need nurturing, protection, and care. Self-less, nurturing, tender to the core, practical and pragmatic, friendly, and organized; her true north dictates her personal path to self-actualization. She works tirelessly with little notice and acclaim. She excels at working in a support role, sharing her talents in an altruistic and very personal way.


The Creative

She is an imagineer of humankind – Some are shy and reclusive; others are brash and arrogant; still others are playful, generous, extroverted, and excitable. No two are alike. She makes something from nothingness with enthusiasm and exactness, receiving inspiration in direct downloads, then art is born. She aspires to embrace, encompass, explore, and awaken life within each of us. She is a storyteller of life’s journey, describing the human condition in all forms.


The Icon

She is grace and beauty personified: Elegance and poise, gentility and cordiality, kindness and courage,discernment and discretion. Icons are extraordinary: intelligent, loyal, tactful, silently strong, painfully courteous, and pretty much always right. She has no need to flaunt it… what she’s got is ageless, timeless, and pedigreed.


The Innocent

She is an idealist who emotes vulnerability and naïveté regardless of her age, wisdom, circumstance, and status. Her joie de vivre and passion for purity and joy reaches far beyond any other singular core value. The glass is always full and rosy.  She is optimistic, whimsical, resourceful, and undaunting in her character. She is courageous and kind, intuitive, valorous, honest, trustworthy, self-reliant, and intelligent beyond her years.


The Lover

She is an idealist, and a sensualist… she sees each glass full, participates in every moment with all her might. The Lover is a romantic at heart, tender and naive, sassy and saucy, brave in her utter femininity, and generous with her heart, her belongings, and her world.

If asked, “What did I come here to do?” she would instantly reply, “I do love.”  She creates legacy moments and believes passionately that the past is worth remembering and celebrating. With so many attributes, gifts, and talents, This woman can be anyone she chooses. Professions that allow for a full expression of beauty suit her the best. She loves to entertain and be entertained, freely investing time, energy, and talent into creating gorgeous spaces, places, and objects that convey the gentle life she aspires to live to the fullest.


The Maverick

A mighty contender who plays to win. A big personality who is passionate, almost fierce in her convictions. This powerhouse is self-possessed, radically self-responsible, and wholly invested in her dream come true. Bright, articulate, rebellious, ingenious, impatient, and charismatic, She is a force of nature.

Author Mary Giuseffi has one spectacular résumé! And since it is pertinent to the value of this book it bears repeating. Mary is a former Ford Model, Relationship Expert, Personal Brand Consultant and Social Diva who knows how to create a spicy and authentic life. You have seen her most recent TV appearances on the Today Show among others, sharing her wit and wisdom on how to live your best life and create successful, long lasting relationships. Mary works around the world with successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, authors, and real people who are ready to live the life of their dreams. She spreads joy and inspires success for those who seek happiness and prosperity.

Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

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