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I Was Born to Do This | Mary Giuseffi

I Was Born to Do This

Who were you born to do? What is your dream of dreams? Who did you want to be when you grew up? How was your life supposed to play out before everyday started chipping away at your magnificence and your faith in your own personal destiny?

Your destiny lies right before you.. it’s the small resonant voice that whispers to you as you long for happiness- the memory of what your heart desires.

  • Have you given up on living the life you imagined?
  • Wake up ladies!!
  • Turn that soundtrack off!
  • What if I told you you can still be who you were born to be?
  • You have all the tools necessary within you to become the woman you were born to be. It is never to late. to live the life you imagined…
  • The first step to manifesting your dream is to see it clearly. Do you know who you are?

Define your purpose
Bring it into focus in every detail
Write it down
Explore your feeling
And become aware of your self in the life you imagined.
Your best life…not the one that currently takes up your day and leaves you less than joy filled.
How to become part of the “I was born to do this” movement.

Send Me Your “I Was Born To Do This” Video

1. Create a short video of yourself telling us what you were born to do!
2. Upload the video to your YouTube Channel and send us the embed code by clicking “Share” and copying and pasting the snippet of code under “Embed” on that video’s YouTube page.
3. By sending us your email and embed code you are acknowledging that we will be loading it onto our site for public viewership and giving us permission to do so.
4. Print out the oath and fill it out! Sign it and send us a photo!
Download and print the “I Was Born To Do This Oath”

Celebrate claiming who you were born to be!!!!

Gina Lopez

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