Fulfillment starts with being responsible for oneself—physically, emotionally, intellectually, financially, sexually, socially, and spiritually. We can only choose a Straight Up With A Twist life after we truly find ourselves worth the price of our cocktail creation.

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So girls, it’s really about manifesting what you want. Stop hiding behind the saccharine sweet illusion of what shoulda, coulda, woulda been, if only I didn’t have my mother’s thighs, my father’s eyes, and I hadn’t been raised on the set of The Taming of the Shrew... You see, becoming a fully actualized woman requires living naked. We must throw our cares to the wind, get a camera with an HD lens, and refuse to remain covered and insecurely positioned within the flawed fairy tales of our youth.

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What Others Have to Say…

Author Mary Giuseffi has one spectacular résumé! And since it is pertinent to the value of this book it bears repeating. Mary `is a former Ford Model, Relationship Expert, Personal Brand Consultant and Social Diva who knows how to create a spicy and authentic life. You have seen her most recent TV appearances on the Today Show among others, sharing her wit and wisdom on how to live your best life and create successful, long lasting relationships. Mary works around the world with successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, authors, and real people who are ready to live the life of their dreams. She spreads joy and inspires success for those who seek happiness and prosperity. Mary is passionate about all things “children”, has been a mentor, volunteer and activist on their behalf for decades. She worked with Audrey Hepburn for UNICEF, her very own dream come true and has received many accolades for her philanthropic endeavors. Mary spends her time Florida, NYC and LA and when she is not there, you will find is traversing the globe as a single, sassy, self-made, bon vivant whose glass is always full regardless of the pour.’ Impressive? Yes, and now read this poignant little book and catch a glimpse of why she is where she is.

One of the reasons Mary’s advice to women is her constant light wit that insures the reader will stay with her course. And her concept of how to believe in yourself and be yourself is a solid one. `Manifest what you want.’ `Let’s move out beyond the prison of delusion and try independence and self-satisfaction.’ `Living fully conscious and actualized means that a person chooses to live “in the loving”. The first choice is to love ourselves. Once we truly love ourselves and satisfy our own needs, we are free to choose to love another, or many others, freely – without boundaries and without fear….WE can choose to love without expecting anything in return.’

Even her chapter titles are wry and witty – `Life without Tupperware: Your Emotional Rescue.’ `How to Bed ad Bad Boy without Being Burned’, `You Are What You Eat: Fat Girls Can Rule the World – Online Dating: Pre Packaged Sex.’ `Dim Sum or Dim Wit: Is Your Man A Prospect Or A Project?’ And one of the reasons Mary makes such a wise coach is her ability to maintain the humor throughout.

Toward the end Mary states, `you must first fall in love with yourself….Accept who you are as a woman worthy of happiness, love, and prosperity and you will be able to clearly begin to envision the man of your dreams….I urge you to step up and become more than your façade. They are so overrated. I love you. That’s a start. The rest, is up to you.’

This reviewer is a male. So why should men read this? Because it is supremely well written AND will teach you more about women and women’s perceptions and needs than any book around. The author is a Number One Lady. That this is a mandatory read for women goes without saying!

Grady Harp | January 15, 2015