“What is your Chromazone? Did you know that the colors you wear and live in, not only effect your mood but contribute to your energy level, daily decisions, activities and relationships? Do you realize that by wearing the right color you can convey a specific non verbal message to the people around you that can persuade someone’s opinion of who you are and what you are saying? Your wardrobe color can change your self image and your professional persona helping you attain your goals and dreams. Your environment colors have an enormous effect on your life. The power that a room color has on your personality and effectiveness can be created and predicted if you learn to embrace your unique Chromazone and the color personality of your family, your coworkers, your clients and your friends. The color of your wardrobe, your home and your office effects your well being, your performance and your relationship with yourself and others. By selecting empowering colors you can change your outlook on life, your efficiency and your behavior. Mary is a color expert! Over the past seven years she has helped thousands of people discover their true colors and implement positive changes into people’s personal and professional lives. What is your Chromazone? Contact Mary to discover yours today!”

Mary Giuseffi talks about clothing color impressions with Montel