What is a brand? Simply, a brand is a "snap shot" conveying a wholly integrated concept of you and your business to the world at large. It is a instant download of an entire spectrum of thoughts, feelings, facts and customer experiences associated with your business which creates loyalty, familiarity and confidence, value and identity. It is the foundation for all your internal and external communications and marketing plans. Your brand is the truth about who you are and what you uniquely offer your clients; i.e your value proposition. Your brand is a compass for focus and a framework for all interaction. It is a blue print of your clients experience with your product. It expresses why your relationship to your customer is essential for their prosperity. Your brand must highlight your assets with clarity, continuity, consistency and immediacy for the greatest aesthetic impact.

Your brand strategy is paramount to your success. Mary will work with you to determine your unique value proposition, your client demographic and your key points of differentiation. She will advise you in the areas of sensory communications to maximize a positive and proactive interface with your client in the areas of authenticity, relevancy and effectiveness in all your advertising and public relations strategies including visual imagery , color, story telling, personalization, language, psychology, visceral response and messaging for all media outlets and social marketing opportunities.