Do your “Sound Bites and Site Bites” match? Does your image clearly convey your Brand to your clients and the world at large? Creating durable successful branding strategies and platforms has been my passion and career for over thirty years. My diverse background, unique skill set and life long commitment to understanding the delicate balance between developing a personal brand and achieving success within a marketplace by creating consonant and compelling marketing media for my clients has been a privilege and joy. Having spent my life on all sides of the camera and having he experience of being an author, coach, speaker gives me a tremendous perspective and insight. Mastering these skill sets and sharing my unique success formula with my clients sets me apart from other professionals while experience is less personal and narrower in scope. I believe that true individual success requires the seamless integration of body mind and spirit. True career success, in my opinion, requires identifying the uniqueness of the individual and their value proposition and merging it with a well defined audience demographic whose needs wants and desires can be fulfilled within the scope of my clients expertise and experienced with universal appeal for their mutual benefit. I look forward to working with you and assisting you in becoming your personal beat as well as making your dreams come true as a dynamic brand on the world wide stage.

Mary Speaks at the National Publicity Summit on Branding

Mary with fashion designer Stella McCartney

Mary with Stella McCartney

Your brand strategy is paramount to your success. Mary will work with you to determine your unique value proposition, your client demographic and your key points of differentiation.
Mary offers the finest personal shopping and wardrobe design service for discriminating individuals who understand the importance of making a first impression and creating a personal brand.
Your image consultation with Mary will help you achieve your professional and personal goals and dreams. You will look fabulous, feel like a star, be confident, focused, energized and effective in delivering the perfect “Sound Bites and Site Bites” for your success.
Mary is a color expert! Over the past seven years she has helped thousands of people discover their true colors and implement positive changes into people’s personal and professional lives.