At the First breadth quote photo mary giuseffi PDF_000001

If I risk


I awaken

the notion

that we



of a destiny

of joy



and accept

that your heart

has already broken open

for my sorrows.

   Salty saintly

sisters and brothers

let the olive branches caress not strike you


is the being that


It is the timid shy light

of humanness in the face of


A holygram,

this metaphor

for metaphases

Transcendence and transformation

For even the most wretched banal beautiful beings

is full of Grace.

                                                                                           When love speaks


with the magnitude of your tremor and tears.

Finger paint

With the dew of your Soul Celebration

on a sky that is no stranger to your longing.

This Aria of Angelic harmony has rocked you to sleep throughout the eons of your lifetimes.

Paint it on your heart

with the sacred blood of the saint’s whispers

who lead on you the endless journey

of falling in love with yourself.

At the first breadth


the last sigh

of each sun cycle

I pray to you Divine, Holy One

for the enlightened pathway

my soul’s journey in this strange paradise:

Love In Action.

I am in love with you

Not because I am capable

of understanding the mystery that launches ships and topples lesser intellects.

I am in Love with you

because my love is more perfect than what I say,

more durable than I do,

more authentic, passionate and brave than my fleeting and paralyzing fear.

My tears are born from wakefulness

Streams of Hope – full – ness

will not cease.

And in a singular flash of courage

the entire world gatherers as one.

I am aligned with my God in your arms

And truly know that I am love

in the fullness of all time, instantly and eternally.

You see,

To be in love

In the plainness

Of ordinary days

Is to be in love

With the Infinite.

Mary Giuseffi ©2015