The other day, a friend mentioned that she shared her excitement about my book with a mutual friend . His rather unkind remark ” oh…she’s been working on THAT for two years now.”

It hurt a little….but then I realized this about my life timeline:
2 the number of years I was pregnant to have one live healthy child
7 the number of years I lived with my mom keeping our pact “together forever” until she passed in my arms.
8 the number of years it took me to testify on the floor of the US Senate- and have a bill passed in support of my first book’s mission statement
14 the number of years it took to recover my speaking voice after vocal surgery
26 the number of years it took the universe to manifest me meeting my mentor Audrey Hepburn and realize my life in her eyes.
55 and counting, the number of years I have been waiting to meet the love of my life….
Hmmm… Looks like I’m ahead of schedule on this one….
good things take time
Let it go,girls
Time is only linear because we choose to embrace that concept.
There is no such thing as something taking to long to achieve.
There is no such thing as too late.
As long as you wake up every day believing that dreams come true and praying for the highest and best use of your time and talents,
You will live in joy and wonder.
S…. Happens and most of it is extraordinary
Be brave
Put you pretty chin toward heaven
FIDO forget it dance on…
I believe in the beauty of your dreams.
November 8, 2013