online dating tips how to increase your chances of finding love on line

online dating tips how to increase your chances of finding love on line

Would you like to find real love and long lasting romance through an online dating service? You are not alone! According to 40% of all Americans are single and in 2013, 40 million Americans used online dating services. Yes, it’s a crowded playing field, so how do you increase your chances of finding Mr. Right online? In my Amazon #1 Best Selling Book, Straight Up With A Twist, I dedicate an entire chapter to distinguishing between men who are projects or prospects. Today I want to focus on how you present yourself to the online dating community! A picture is worth a thousand words and may be costing you your dream partner! Here are tips on increasing your chances of finding true love and romance on line.

Make sure that YOUR Profile Picture captures as many glances and receives as many first messages as possible! Finding your perfect match online is a numbers game-so let’s make sure that you picture is perfect! Here are some quick tips that anyone can do to increase your odds a attracting the right type of guys online.

What kinds of photo are most effective in getting first messages? Here are the stats:

1. Full Body or Head Shot
Full Body Shots get 203% more
2. Indoors or Outdoors
Indoor Shots get 60% more
3. Selfie or No Selfie?
Selfies get 4% more
4. Flash or no Flash?
No flash works best

Why do full body shots get more attention? Men want to know what you look like- really. That’s fair enough. Women do have a tendency to shave off a few pounds and a few years on their profile. Why waste time? You want to be with a man who loves the way you look! You’ve got it-Flaunt it! Now let’s talk about how.

If you’re going to do a full body shot or at least a ¾ shot make sure that you are highlighting your best assets.
1.Create an “S” with your body to maximize your curves.
2.Tastefully feature your best body asset: Great Legs? Cleavage? Derriere?

The great thing about shooting indoors is that you can control the light- make sure you are glowing in ambient light. Get rid of shadows that distort your features and forget the flash. Flash is very aging.

Let’s chat face time:
1. Find your best angle-for many of us ¾ is most attractive and BTW research shows that your left side will get more first messages that your right side…it’s a brain function thing.
2. SMILE: women who smile get more attention than those who don’t. Guys want to be with someone who is fun!
3. Make Up: Women wearing too much Makeup is a huge complaint with guys in general. Guys want to girls who are touchable and real. They also want a hint of how you look au naturel. My advice? Wear a minimum amount- just enough to show off your best self. When taking photos make sure that you apply Matte makeup-leave the shimmer and glitter for real life. It ages and flattens you in photos. The only place that should shine is you lips. Yes, gloss is a good thing. And you hair of course. Healthy shiny hair is a major plus.

What should you wear? Wear something that flatters your figure and represents your lifestyle. A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure it speaks volumes about who you are as a person. Create an image that you can live up to and show up looking like time and again. TRUTH IN ADVERTISING GIRLS!

How many photos is the optimum number to use? EHarmony says based upon their statistics that people who upload 4 or more photos get the most inquiries. My opinion is about 6-8 are great. Make sure each one shows an aspect of your personality and how you like to spend your time. Shoot some outdoors as well and allow the guy to imagine what it would be like to spend tome with you on a date. Are you an athlete? Post a shot of you highlighting something you love to do! Do you love to travel? Are you a great cook? Do you love pets? This is your way to create you back story without saying a word and start mind wondering by finding commonalities to chat about on the phone or your first date.