Monochromatic  wardrobes work best for TV appearances.

Monochromatic wardrobes work best for TV appearances.

Congratulations! You have been booked for a TV appearance! What shall you work to create your best image? Here are a few guidelines. Solids work better than patterns. Select colors that speak your language. My rule of thumb is dress 10% above your target audience, maintaining the show’s style of dress and color ways. Color choice is very significant.The camera loves all shades of blue. Turquoise,Yellow,Green (as long as you are not shooting in front of a green screen),Orange,Purple,Pink all play well. Bright colors like Red and White expand. Dark shades minimize. Head to toe color lengthens you. Color that breaks at the waist shortens you. Everyone has their best white. Stay away from black except for very specific occasions. Neutrals are powerful in a very impartial manner. Color connects you to you audience. Monochromatic dressing means that your entire ensemble is made up of varying shades of the same base color. This is a very polished look and carries great visual appeal whether you are a man or a women. For men, I always suggest wearing flat front slacks (no pleats,please) without cuffs. Cuffs shorten the legs visually, Unless a man is standing over 6′ tall, cuffs are not flattering on or off screen. For women and men, select pants that fit well and have a tapered leg. This look is lengthening, slimming, youthening, very stylish and flattering on most figures. For women who wear dresses and skirts, remember many styles will ride up when you sit. Select a skirt length that does’t show too much leg. Shoes should be basic, neutral or matching and have a decent heel. Wear Nude hosiery. The type of clothing you select should establish immediate rapport with your audience. The key to immediate relatabilty is your visual grammar. A single positive “Site Bite” speaks volumes to your target market without saying a word. Make sure the impact your image creates will leave your audience wanting more!