How to Create a telegenic image #4 Engage not EnGarde Are you passionate about sharing your vision, product, service or book with the world? Are you preparing to pitch to the media in hopes of landing a National TV segment, radio spot, or article? There is art to creating dynamic hooks and there is an art and science to pitching your concepts effectively to producers, writers and potential media partners. Pitching is not a miniseries…Restrain yourself! Pitch in 10-15 second soundbites then wait for a response. Be Assertive not Aggressive.Don’t interrupt. Keep your answers short and impact-filled. Active listening pays big dividends when querying a producer/editor. It’s discovering what they know that’s important. Your goal is to engage the person you’re pitching.The best way to do this is to include him in the conversation at the very beginning. Pitch your short show concept and then elicit a response. Ask him/her their opinion and input. Then, tweak what you know to fit their audience demo and show personality. A producer knows exactly what the parameters are for being booked on a show. The goal is to fit within the parameters and remain unique and relatable. Once a producer buys into your show idea and begins to banter with you, you have him/her seeing the segment in their own head. This is the very best case scenario for your audition. Once a producer buys into your concept, they must pitch it up line to the show team. If the team likes it and thinks you have potential, you are half way there!