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It came to me the other day when I was thinking about courage.I realized that for most of us, courageous acts occur in flashes. Most heroic decisions are instantaneous. The stamina and perseverance to follow through on each of our transformational epiphanies is the glue that keeps our moment of bravery intact.

There are many types of courage. Most involve risk…physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and psychic. Tender or tragic, flashes of courage involve matters of love and relationship. Most acts of courage are born out of passion and often times are catalyzed by a singular event which is prefaced with long periods of personal trauma or sudden acts of danger to ourselves or someone or something we care for deeply. It is in a split second, almost an out of body experience, we witness ourselves lunge forward, harnessing the extraordinary spirit, power and will to act daringly, to engage fiercely, and to call up the legacy of our collective authentic feminine. It only takes one brave moment, for an entire destiny to be forever changed. We have had enough. There is no one to save this soul but me. Courage requires faith and fierceness. Sometimes courage takes the form of play. To act like a child is to cast off the vestitures of adulthood and risk pure joy. To be courageous is to be vulnerable.

Earlier this year, I was invited to perform at an event, showcasing my poetry publicly for the first time in 35 years. I had prepared a beautiful poem included in this collection. After arriving, my spirit kept gnawing at me… whispering into my soul “finish the piece you started…it is time. Write it down.” And so I did, performing “Femme Fierce” unrehearsed and raw to packed auditorium. It was a flash of courage that changed the course of the entire evening. This collection was born that evening and so was my title, reclaimed to my self, poet and muse.

Femme Fierce is a collection of poetry describing flashes of courage over centuries, lifetimes, moment and legacies. As women, we can all think back to moments when we witnessed acts of great courage by our grandmothers, mothers, lovers, sisters, friends and children. We hear the stories passed down. We reflect upon our own flashes of courage. These choices redefine our lives and create the legacies we live and leave to future generations. Legacy is born from acts of courage in all matters of the heart. Courage revolts against fear. Courage is Love in action.

I hope that the book will inspire you to be courageous,take risks and live as Love In Action!