Have you ever dreamed of having a career as a model? Do you have what it takes to grace the runways during Fashion Week world wide wearing the latest couture creations, or finding yourself in fashion lay outs for Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, and Marie Claire? Would you like to be the face of National advertising brands and traverse the globe shooting in exotic locations? Welcome to the world of modeling!

It is an incredible life, I can attest to that having been a model for over 40 years. I started with Eileen Ford at age 11 and haven’t stopped since. It has been an incredible career and afforded me a great life style, It has also taken a tremendous amount of work, heart break, discipline and courage to stand up for myself and what is right for me while seeing so many lay down and not have the resilience to keep “walking the walk”, the cat walk that is, and “talking the talk” as a spokesperson and Commercial Model.

For the past 30 years I have mentored many young models and talent and guide many careers through the maze of becoming a viable talent and a working model. It is not for everybody but for those who have t and stick to it. It can be a great career choice.

Mary Giuseffi’s Modeling Tutorial Videos

Take a peek at these tutorial videos. They were shot while I was serving as interim president of a Talent Agency. Many have received over 300,000 views on Expert Village and Ehow. Hope they will help you!! F you would like me to work with you in person on a one to one basis, please contact me through my website. We will see if you have the right stuff for this business!