The blessing of my life has been my children. Of all the things I wanted to be, a mother was the most important intimate awareness that I embraced. When I imagined my life becoming anything else, it always included my children and me, quite astonishingly, as a single mom.

Who was I born to be? There are many answers to this question. I was born to be a mother, a child, a daughter, a dreamer, a caretaker of others children, a decorator of lives, a muse, a teacher, a poet, a leader, a friend.

Who are my children?

My daughter is the Intuitive strong feeler of all moments; her laughter is the dancing of the fairies. Her grace is the elegance of the Angels. Her heart is Jesus’ embrace to all who are hurting. Her beauty is reflected in the eternal Light in her eyes. She is the best mommy ever.

My son is the strong and durable heart of the ages, a righteous guardian of those in need. He is the sweet little boy of myself… my prince. His laughter is the wit of irreverence and the wisdom of great reverence. His depth of understanding is the whisper of the Holy Spirit. His depth of love is the experience of lives he does not remember. He is resolute in his desire to become who is born to be…like his name, King of Kings.

They are the loves of my life.

Their hands were once little in my hand as I walked with them guiding each step. My hands are now small in theirs as the guide me through the changes that a great life reflects in gentle lines around my eyes. I am so proud of each of my children.

And my first born whose life was complete in my womb and now lives with the angels. She was born to watch over each of us and I will love her always in the place where there are no limits of everyday life.

I was born to teach others joy and to share God’s love with all the lives my life touches. Whether on stage, or in the audience, in prayer or at play, I was born to do this! Share joy and love – entertain, educate and inspire…and I am blessed to do this everyday!

My children support me in a way that has no words. They are adamant and resolute in encouraging my mission and the fullness and completeness of my experience as a mother gives me the freedom to mother others.

In my lifetime I will never eclipse my first and most significant role: mother and now grandmother. Whenever I was given a choice for fame or fortune or family, my decisions always supported my family,

And now it’s time for my dreams to come true, in another space and my children are by my side holding my hand, in front of me, clearing the way and behind me, encouraging my step and picking me up, when I slip and falter. They are the wind beneath my wings and the roots under my branches.

I am so grateful for becoming who I was born to be…. I am so I’m love with my children.

And so grateful for this blessing.

And now, I am a grandmother. There is nothing as special as being the mother of a mother. And someday, I will be the mother of a father. Blessings multiply exponentially and joy is abundant. Arielle is the love of my life in a way that cannot be described. Our bond has no limits and needs no explanation. We laugh and sing and play all day. The world passes away and we remain totally in love.

Who were you born to be? Where have your dreams taken you so far? What ever you were born to be and no matter where you have travelled upon your journey, keep your dreams alive and focus your energy on the steps you can take today toward manifesting each precious passion into reality. Sometimes the order is a little unconventional. No worries, the good Lord, will work it out!! I am here to encourage and support your heart’s desires. Let’s build a community of women who can share, celebrate and uplift each other’s goals and experiences.

If you want to be a mom, don’t wait to long. It is the fertile ground of

Celebrating our family! Arielle, Me, Gina,David and Jamil (my very special son in law)

Celebrating our family!
Arielle, Me, Gina,David and Jamil (my very special son in law)

wakeful dreaming and the joy of living your entire life with the heart of a child!!

Who were you born to be?

Please celebrate your dreams with me.