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Today Show: How To Create Your Personal Brand

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How You Look + How Your Speak+ How You Act = Your Personal Brand Whether you are aware of it or not, you DO have a personal brand. Your brand is the totality of how others experience. Although a first impression is based almost entirely upon your visual grammar (how you look), the collateral pieces […]

How to Create a Telegenic Image #10: Have Fun

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“If you’re not having fun pitching or chatting “on air” about your topic or idea, no one is having fun! Smile! Ooze enthusiasm! It’s contagious. Be your best self and roll with it… Flexibility in body mind and spirit counts here. Be spontaneous, smart and humble! Remember TV is entertainment.” Being a TV guest is […]

How To Create a Telegenic Image #9 Sound Bites: Know Your Stuff

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KNOW YOUR STUFF! Knowledge is power. Research your topics daily. Master your platform. Watch your competition and create your unique viewpoint. Know your materials so well that you can you can be interviewed in your sleep. Walking the walk and talking the talk will give you confidence and prevent nervousness. Talk in sound bites. Never […]

How to Create A Telegenic Image #8: You Are The Expert on You!

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Successful interviews occur when your have a strategy, are well prepared, confident and empowered with the knowledge of your expertise. It is important to focus on your performance regardless of what may be going on around you! A TV set is bustling with activity and a whirlwind of hurry up-wait. Even the interview can easily […]

How To Create a Telegenic Image #7: The Sweet Smell of Success

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Watch what you eat and apply to your skin! No Garlic, no perfume or cologne. There is nothing worse than having a conversation with someone whose odor is overwhelming. The impression left should have nothing to do with your last meal or the fragrance applied at the cosmetic counter. Media is interested in your essence […]

How to Create a Telegenic Image #6: Your Best Body Angles

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There is an art and a science to looking your best doing an interview. First let’s chat about angles. Very few people can get away with looking great in a “straight on” shot to camera. I suggest keeping your body at a 3/4 angle to the camera. Sit a bit diagonally in the chair, stool […]

How to Create A Telegenic Image #5 Site Bites: Monochromatic Dressing Works Best On Camera

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Congratulations! You have been booked for a TV appearance! What shall you work to create your best image? Here are a few guidelines. Solids work better than patterns. Select colors that speak your language. My rule of thumb is dress 10% above your target audience, maintaining the show’s style of dress and color ways. Color […]

How To Create A Telegenic Image #4 Sound Bites: “Engage not En Garde” Stop Talking

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Are you passionate about sharing your vision, product, service or book with the world? Are you preparing to pitch to the media in hopes of landing a National TV segment, radio spot, or article? There is art to creating dynamic hooks and there is an art and science to pitching your concepts effectively to producers, […]

How To Create a Telegenic Image #3 They Don’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care!

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So many people aspire to land a guest segment on a National Daytime TV Show. Here are a few things you need to know to give yourself the best chance of being booked: 1. Do your homework! Watch the shows you want to be on regularly. Get to know the rhythm of the shows,the types […]