Girls, it’s really about manifesting what you want!! Are you ready to become your best self? Does your outer self reflect your inner beauty? Finding happiness is a journey. Your road to becoming self empowered, sexy, successful and satisfied with your life begins the day you can say I’m a “Straight Up With A Twist Girl” and mean it!!

It’s a fabulicious world as a cocktail girl,
full of desserts and delights.

Showing up daily as the best version of yourself requires a professional posse of Stylists, Coaches, Chefs, Shoppers, Doctors, Lawyers, Gurus and Strategists who will give you top notch advice in every area of life! Having VIP Access and experts at your finger tips will make you feel like a queen for a day, every day. And in the days when your tiara is tilting and you require a motivational minute rest assured that here is where you will find Solace, Comfort and a Chardonnay offering du jour to titillate your palette and get you back on track!
VIP access offers you a daily menu that will keep you living your dream today and creating your vision for tomorrow’s sumptuous buffet.
Once you discover your cocktail personality , creating your perfect mixology requires resources, recipes, and reservations! Whether you are a Champagne Girl, a Margarita Girl, a Martini. Girl or a Jack Daniels Girl, dressing the part, walking the walk with panache, developing repartee and showing up in utter fabulousness takes a power posse and girls this is where the pros go to find the secrets to radiant inner and outer beauty!
There are contests quizzes and concoctions galore…
Exclusive teleseminars with Mary and leading Experts and Celebrities in the areas of:
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Relationships
  • Manners
  • Dating
  • Beauty
  • Career Strategies and office politics
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Food and Wine
  • Health and Well Being
  • Vacations
  • Hot Spots
  • Cosmetics,Skin Care
  • Spirituality
  • Sex

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The First 50 Girls who join will be invited to selected live transformational monthly conversations with some of Today’s hottest Life Style Influencers and experts! Conversations like:*
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* Guests Substitutions may be made based upon availability.

Convenient Monthly SubsriptionJust $39.99 a month!


Join for the Whole Year.Just one payment of $470 $240.00
(save $230.00!)