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How To Create a Telegenic Image #3 They Don’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care!

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So many people aspire to land a guest segment on a National Daytime TV Show. Here are a few things you need to know to give yourself the best chance of being booked: 1. Do your homework! Watch the shows you want to be on regularly. Get to know the rhythm of the shows,the types […]

Your Best Telegenic Image Tip #2: Excellence is in the DETAILS!

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Your finish will determine your start! In order to project a successful, dynamic image and personal brand,your entire look should be polished. Exude competency,confidence clarity, timeliness and order. Make sure that each detail you present to the public is excellent.People do make judgements on how you show up for a meeting, lunch with clients, auditions,Skype […]

Your Personal Brand: 10 Tips to Creating Your Best Telegenic Image Tip #1 SMILE!

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So many of us spend at least half of our day communicating virtually with people via social media, video conferencing, Skype. Our professional life is ranked not only by our performance but by the number of followers we have, tweets we make, posts and blogs we create. Our networks have expanded for beyond our corner […]

Dating Tips Over 40: Finding True Love and Real Romance

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Finding long lasting love is a perennial quest for single women and men of all ages. The desired results may be the same, but the dating game rules do change. Here are my 7 Tips for Finding True Love and Real Romance over 40: 1. Be Specific. Make a List of exactly what you want […]

Live Instant Karma! Always Eat Dessert First!

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Empower yourself to live your best life by asking the most important question to yourself: IS THIS MY BEST CHOICE TO BE SUCCESSFUL, SEXY SATISFIED IN MY LIFE AT THIS MOMENT? YES? Then DO IT! What are you waiting for? No matter what area in life you’re confronting at this moment, choose to be the […]


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If you don’t like a situation and you feel compromised or victimized –something is up! If you cannot control your situation. You can control how you act. Some times the most empowering thing to do is leave. Like Glinda the Good Witch told Dorothy at the end of her journey down the yellow brick road […]

Be A 10! Make Looking Fab A Daily Habit

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  You never know who you’re going to meet or where your next opportunity will unfold-DARE TO LOOK GREAT EVERYDAY! Ok Girls, How many times have you run to the store to grab something you need for a recipe looking like something the cat dragged in and met someone in line that you who HORRIFIED […]


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Ask for what you want Everyday-anywhere, anytime-God is listening to your 911 calls and loves you. Simply Believe! There are so many times in each of our lives that we seek answers to seemingly unanswerable questions…many of them start with “Why?” and end with “me”. Isn’t trying to control everything exhausting? In the final analysis, […]


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Today is the day! Thank you so much friends for supporting me in the process of writing and publishing “Straight UP with A Twist”. A Couple Hundred Happy Hours, Dozens of Cuvees, Countless Kisses, and a few Shattered Glasses and Speed Limits later, I am proud as spiked punch to share with you that today […]


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JE NE REGRETTE RIEN! Edith Piaf said it best! Regret Nothing! We are not perfect! Did you goof? FIDO (Forget It, Dance On!) At one moment you must have thought what you did was brilliant…oh well! Guilt ages you faster than anything on this planet. Regret has made millions for singers, actors, songwriters, philosophers and […]