What is your ChromaZone? Is red your favorite color?

Red is the color of passion! It embodies the spirit of vitality, drive and power. Red is undeniable and proud, ego driven, resilient and immediately regenerative. People who love red run in the direction of their dreams with focus and conviction. Self empowered and at times, intimidating, they command attention. They are virtually unstoppable. Their vision and desire to accomplish their goals compels them to exclude all else… Their motto is “get on my plane or get off my runway!”

Red is a stimulant. It is the color with the longest wavelength and slowest vibration. The sight of red releases adrenaline into our system, raising blood pressure and evoking a “fight or flight” response. It is seductive and engaging, alluring and thrilling, threatening and undeniable. Red is also the color of physicality. On a psychological level, red symbolizes the id experience providing a relentless motivation to act upon an innate want, need or desire.

Red’s passion moves us forward in the face of all obstacles to achieve our goals and dreams. Without passion, we become “arm chair philosophers” and mere observers. Without focus and energy, we cannot fully participate in living. Without determination and drive, we will not fulfill our personal destiny. Red provides the passion that fuels life’s fire. Red is the Passion Oh! To Joy.

What does wearing red say to the world? It conveys a bold and beautiful spirit living a passionate and full immersion life! It exudes sexiness. Learning to be sexy is a state of mind! It’s spirit personified! Embodying “sexiness” requires confidence, self awareness (not self consciousness) and being comfortable in your own skin. Regardless of size or age, effusing that sassy “Oh Yeah! I’m hot!” attitude is available for each of us! Red follows pink because being sexy is all about loving yourself and others! Sexiness is all about physical joy and intellectual bliss! Being sexy is celebrating the very best in each of us and choosing to share the secret with others! Looking great and feeling great is being enthusiastic, mysterious, mischievous, magnetic, and flirtatious! To be sexy is to float in and out of someone’s space with a smile and knowing glance. To be sexy is to exude laughter from the soul! It’s a physical manifestation of inner joy.

How to feel fabulous and fearless: Throw out the rear view mirror in your life! Have you ever known someone whose oozes sexiness? She can be large or small, old or young, any color or type. . .the one thing she has is confidence. A woman who feels sexy has come to terms with herself. She feels good about her perfections and imperfections and loves all of her gifts. She participates in life fully! She enjoys living in her world. She enters a room with enthusiasm and grace and commands respect and attention. She laughs at herself and loves herself. She is a great friend. She wears color and beams positive light in every direction. She oozes charisma. People love to be around her because she makes others feel good. She has learned to feel good about herself and accept the joy of her being. She accentuates the positive in every aspect of her life and refuses to let anyone rain on her parade. She accepts the challenge of living her life to the fullest everyday and realizes that being happy is her responsibility. She has nothing to hide and a lot to share. Being sexy—-all of the above applies to the male as well.

Red is a powerful choice for wardrobe and interior design. Many fashion icons have infused our world with red and changed the consciousness of women forever. They liberated them from cultural restraints and encouraged them to live boldly and beautifully as their own best selves! For example, Rouge is the Color of Dior http://youtu.be/WlPuNLSD71w
7c1b9c0fa86006dad05f0f2dc1bf08e0Merci, M. Dior!