"Without Mr.Right, Your Life Is All Wrong!"

“Without Mr.Right, Your Life Is All Wrong!”

I need a man to complete me. NO,YOU DO NOT! You are complete all by yourself. This archaic notion and legendary lie can keep a girl depressed for decades. No one in this world can add to or remove your intrinsic value as a human being. You are whole. If we accept the faulty notion that we are not enough, we spend our lives looking for somebody else to make us feel valuable, loved and cherished. We believe that our happiness is someone else’s responsibility. Quite simply, it is not.

Yes, my mother told me this over and over again. Her approach was sometimes more subtle than other times. “How will you survive unless someone supports you?” “You are too sweet and delicate to face the real world alone and fend for yourself. You need somebody to protect you.” “You will make a perfect wife and mother someday. Find a man that can support you in the life you are accustomed and your future will be bright and cheery” “It’ nice to have hobbies, honey, but don’t think you can actually make a living doing that!”

This lie “seems” to have less impact today. There are more professional successful females in the work force today than ever before. We have proven that we can take care of ourselves in the real world. Somehow,no matter how successful and financially independent we become, we still feel incomplete without a love relationship.There are also more single women in America than ever before. Yes, a relationship with another independent secure and loving partner can be a fantastic compliment to a woman’s already independent and happy life. Whether we find ourselves divorced, never married or widowed, the vast majority of us spend our idle hours on dating websites looking for a man to complete us. Until we accept the fact that the only relationship that really matters is the one we have with ourselves, we will never live our best lives.